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What is the LDN Card?

The LDN Card is THE discount card for London. It saves you up to 50% at hundreds of places around the city. Simply show your card when paying to claim your discount.

Where can I use the LDN Card?

The LDN Card offers discounts at a huge range of places both in London and online, including shops, restaurants, gyms, cafes, salons, bars, clubs and tourist attractions. You can find the full list of places that accept the LDN Card as well as all the information you need for each one here.

What makes the LDN Card different to other discount cards?

Unlike other discount cards, the LDN Card is your complete discount card to London. We don’t just offer discounts on restaurants or shops, but EVERYTHING. We also focus our discounts around local areas of the city, meaning there will plenty for you to choose from around the area you live, work or study.

However, the card is not just for locals, but tourists and international students in London too. There are savings on many of the top tourist attractions and sightseeing tours, but the LDN Card also acts as a guide for those new to the city. Every one of our partners is a recommendation from us, making exploring London for the first time not only cheaper, but also easier.