Dallas Buyers Club is Worth Watching for McConaughey Alone

Posted: March 11, 2014


It was another rainy day in London when my friend called me up and told me about an extra ticket he had to an early screening. Well, knowing that nothing in life that is free is ever good, I had to ask, “What movie are we watching?”

His reply was simple, “it’s the new Matthew McConaughey movie”. I’ve never been a big fan of Matthews. I’ve always considered him to be an exceptionally good looking man, but, with limited acting ability. I honestly can’t name any of his movies I would choose to watch again.

However, ‘seeing as it was free’, I decided to bite the bullet and just go watch it. I’m glad I did. 

In all honesty, he did deserve an Oscar for his role, as did Jared Leto.

The movie starts with a sizzle. We see McConaughey engaging in every kind of lurid behaviour possible-drugs, gay-bashing, and a little bull riding thrown in for good measure. The story draws you in from the get-go. You don’t like McConaughey’s character at the start, but the introduction of Jared Leto (who makes a surprisingly good looking woman), and their dynamic, often catty relationship keeps the tone (of what would otherwise be a depressing movie-it is about people fighting aids) light and easier to absorb.

Without going into too much detail or ruining the movie for any of you who still haven’t seen it, let me just say this, the character development and the chemistry between the two leads is reason enough to watch this brilliant movie.

 I’ve never really been a big fan of bio-pics, but this one was different. Matthew McConaughey drives the character from a homophobic, womanizing, drug-using hustler to a decent warm hearted human being. I honestly never thought I’d pre-order a Matthew McConaughey movie, but I have.

This last year, thanks to Dallas Buyers Club, his cameo in the Wolf of Wall Street, and his fantastic performances on True Detective, I’m starting to grow a begrudging respect for the man.