Restaurant Review: Chicken Shop

Posted: March 12, 2014


What is the most common thing in London? The buses you say, no way. Maybe the iconic telephone box? Not really. The answer is simple, chicken shops. Chicken shops in London are a dime a dozen whether it’s ‘Southern’ fried, ‘Tennessee’ fried or ‘Perfect’ fried. Take a stroll down any high street in London and you’re bound to come across a variation. Fried chicken is scarily easy to come across in London. But for those who don’t fancy their wings deep fat fried, there’s an alternative. A saving grace if you may, a place where chicken is king like nowhere else. Allow me to introduce to you to Chicken Shop.

With locations in Kentish Town and Tooting, this snuggled down joint brings an experience like no other. The menu is simple (so simple in fact that the only place to find it is on the wall), but it’s perfect. A spit roasted chicken and your choice of sides that include crinkle cut fries, corn on the cob or a lettuce and avocado salad. At £4 each you can’t really go wrong with what you choose to accompany your chicken. A whole chicken is more than enough for two people, served in a large bowl and cleaved for your consideration. Pick your poison from their subtle wood fired smoky sauce or have your fuse lit with their spicy concoction.

Either way, Chicken Shop won’t disappoint, and even after devouring a chicken, leaving a trail of bones, the sight of house-made apple pie will make you find room for pudding. Although it’s not your classic Sunday roast with spuds an’ all, it is definitely a better alternative to Nando's.

There are no reservations, just turn and up wait to be seated. The wait could be a while but the aroma and atmosphere is like no other. With a hidden location on Kentish Town Road and a new spot in Tooting, Chicken Shop looks set to take London by storm.

Find a Chicken Shop at Highgate Road, NW5 or Tooting High Street, SW17

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