Second Chance Cinema: Changing Cinema Forever

Posted: March 17, 2014


This is now the only way I want to watch movies. You need to go. They have goat's cheese popcorn. Goat's. Cheese. Popcorn.

In a world where watching movies has gone from Silver screen to Laptop screen, it is no wonder the wonderful world that is “going to the movies” is dying out. Fear no longer movie lovers; the newest addition to our arsenal is Second Chance Cinema, offering a truly unique and unmissable movie experience. Perfect for reacquainting yourself with a social life, or for an impossibly impressive first date.

From the creators of Backyard Cinema, Second Chance offers the socially shunned, like me, who did not have time to watch that new, awesome, melt-your-eyes-totally-going-to-win-an-Oscar movie when it came out. Screening everything from Filth and Gravity to Philemina and Captain Philips, it gives people the chance to watch good movies in a truly unique environment. And, I hate myself for it, but it can only be described as a cinematic experience.

Tucked away down a quiet street in Bethnal Green sits the slightly out of place Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, a beautiful combination of the glamour and décor of the 1920’s and the modern luxuries. It is retro pomp and circumstance straight from the get go, starting with the impossibly cool (in an understated vintage kind of way) lounge bar. Serving a host of bespoke cocktails (recommending the lychee punch), in adorable mason jars, you know, just in case you didn’t already fall in love with the idea. Not to mention the selection of gourmet tuck boxes created by the chefs of the hotel, leaving nachos and hot dogs in the wake of Iberico pork on a paella cracker and truffle tortilla balls.

None of your packet of Minstrels and stale popcorn here

Once the doors open you are cordially invited to pick your seat in the intimate, deceptively comfy, Council Chambers that have been transformed into the definition of movie indulgence. It’s like watching a movie with your friends in the living room, where you’re all tucked up and feel so cosy, but with a massive screen and awesome sound.

You’ve picked the best spot in the house (obviously) and are offered a selection of sweet and savoury popcorns by an usherette complete with popcorn/cigarette tray and pill box hat. Do not be fooled, these are not your run in the mill salt or sweet, we’re talking goat's cheese with black pepper and toffee apple. The movie hasn’t even started yet and I’m already giddy.  

You don't get this at your local Odeon

All the little details have been covered: the candle lit tables with themed books in the bar, chocolate “cigarettes” that you can “light up” during the movie, and even little shorts before the movie starts. None of this racing from Nando’s after choosing to have dessert as well because the trailers are 20 minutes anyways.

Instead of the sensory onslaught of multi-million dollar explosive trailers in full dolby digital, you are seduced with chirpy little shorts and tongue in cheek “get your snacks at the snack bar” ads, featuring the likes of Fred Flintstone endorsing smoking.

On Second Chance nights, the bar opens from 6pm and doors are at 7.30pm with your movie starting at 8pm – and I can promise, you will want to be there from 6pm. Second Chance will be bringing the magic back to the movies for at least the next 5 weeks with hopes of extending for anniversary screenings of some cult classics (hinting at Pulp Fiction). So cancel the download and remove the item from your Amazon shopping cart, my fellow social pariah’s, book your tickets for the next showing and immerse yourself in the glory of going to the cinema.

Where? The Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green
When? Next showing is Gravity on Sunday 23rd March
How Much? From £12

More info and tickets here...