Thoughtful Folk from London’s Feldspar

Posted: March 5, 2014


Indie folk isn't all banjos and tweed waistcoats (although don't get me wrong, I have no problem with either) it’s just a pleasant surprise when you find a band who mixes the genre up a bit, like London based five piece Feldspar.

On Thursday night I headed down to the Old Queens Head in Islington for the launch of the bands new single 'Young & Invincible'. The upstairs venue was well packed out, which resulted in my quest to get a good spot for photos being doomed from the get go (that, and the fact I couldn’t work out how to turn the flash on my camera on... oops) I found myself a space somewhere in the middle and prayed that no one over 5"8 would pop up I'm front of me.

Their set was a mix of bluesy swooning melodic numbers and euphoric catchy sing your heart out kind of songs, there was even a song with a slight country twang, which when announced was met with a resounding whoop from the crowd, with front man Will Green declaring merrily that we must all be suitably drunk if we were admitting to enjoying country music.

The set ended with the new single 'Young and Invincible' which rose from a delicate tale of hardship to a rousing feel good chorus that had us all chanting along. If you're a human being with ears I highly recommend you head over to soundcloud and give the single a listen, or watch the lovely video below.

A must see for fans of Fleet Foxes’ dreamy melodies, The National’s heartfelt lyrics, and the likes of Goldheart Assembly and Leonard Cohen.

You can catch feldspar next at Green Note in Camden on the 11th March, you can also follow @feldsparmusic on twitter for more date and venue announcements.